Choosing a roof cleaning company

When choosing a roof cleaning company there is a wide range of questions you should ask in order to find a good company.

Are they licensed and insured? 

A good roof cleaning company will provide you with a Certificate of Commercial Liability Insurance that shows the amount of coverage the company carries. Commercial Liability Insurance protects you as a homeowner in case damage is caused to your property in the course of the service being performed. You can easily find out if your roof cleaning company is a registered business with the State of Florida by looking them up on

Are they experienced?

When choosing a roof cleaning company experience makes all the difference. A company that has been cleaning roofs for at least five years should have the expertise to get the job done right without causing damage to plants and property. An inexperienced company is using your home as “guinea pig”.

Do they use pressure to clean roofs?

We hope the answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Whatever you do please do not allow high pressure to be used to clean your roof. Using a pressure washer to clean a roof causes damage to shingles and tiles and will void your manufacturers warranty. The proper method for cleaning a roof is an application of a cleaning agent to gently wash away mold, mildew, and algae leaving your roof shiny and clean.

Will they protect my landscaping?

The company you want will have a comprehensive process to protect your landscaping. They should be able to tell you step by step process by which they ensure that your plant life remains undamaged as a result of the roof cleaning. Many people are wary of roof cleaners after having negative experiences with roof cleaners who do not cover delicate

Are they polite, courteous, and professional?

Be certain to hire a company that is polite, treats you with respect, returns phone calls and arrives to the job when they say they will.  If something were to ever go wrong a professional company will do their best to ensure your satisfaction.

Do they provide a warranty?

Most reputable roof cleaning companies will provide some kind of a warranty that those ugly black streaks will not return to your roof before the end of the warranty.

Will they keep my roof free from damage?

Any reputable roof cleaning business will never use pressure to clean a roof!!! The proper method for cleaning a roof is the light application of a bleach mix. This is the only method approved by (ARMA) Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association as well as leading roofing manufacturers.

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