Protecting Your Plants

Will my landscaping be protected?


One of the biggest questions we receive from homeowners is “Will my plants be protected?” There are some real horror stories out there concerning not-so-professional roof cleaning operations that not only fail to protect their customers’ landscaping, but also avoid responding to phone calls after the damage has been done. It is the actions of these careless businesses (or the lack thereof) that can give responsible, professional roof cleaning operations a bad name.


American Knight Roof & Exterior Cleaning LLC takes plant protection seriously!!  We employ a rigorous, multi-step process to ensure that landscaping is not damaged during the roof cleaning process. First, we encourage homeowners to run their sprinkler systems along the perimeter of their homes in the morning prior to our arrival. When we arrive at each job site our ground crewman immediately sets about the task of hooking up water hoses to pre-wash all plant life. Then, plastic tarps are brought out to cover and protect delicate plants along the drip line (where water will fall from the roof during the cleaning process), as well as air conditioners and pool heaters. If the building has gutters, bags are placed at the bottom of the downspout to capture the cleaning solution so that it doesn’t flow into grass and flower beds.


At this point, we are ready to start the no-pressure roof cleaning process.  As the owner of the company, I have a vested interest in making sure that customers are pleased with the work.  I am on site at each job, complete the roof cleaning process myself, and supervise the ground crewman to ensure that all landscaping is saturated with water. Once the roof is clean and algae-free, I fully rinse it off so that no cleaning residue is left behind. Then the ground crewman removes the tarps and empties the gutter bags.  Then all landscaping receives a final rinse. We encourage homeowners to run their sprinkler system the following day as a final step.  We leave our customers with clean, beautiful roofs and well protected landscaping every time. We are proud of the measures we employ to care for our roof cleaning customers’ homes, properties, and plant life. Give us a call for a free estimate – 407-230-1461.